Ten ways to look like you have an iPhone when you don't...

1. Talk about iPhones ALL the time. If someone tries to change the subject tell them about the new 'App' you have downloaded that fits with the new course of conversation.

2. Apend the words 'Sent from my iPhone' to the bottom of all your emails

3. Encase your existing phone within 3 inch think rubber padding. Get upset if you get a fingerprint on it.

4. Walk around looking down at your existing rubber-clad phone, try to bump into people

5. When turning your existing your phone on pretent to wait for half an hour before you can use it

6. Frequently moan about 'lack of cut and paste'

7. Charge your existing phone every two hours or immediately after any phonecall

8. Obtain some white headphones. Wear them all the time.

9. Tell everyone without an iPhone how they would be 'better off with an iPhone'

10. Become very, very angry if anyone says anything negative about Steve Jobs, Apple, iTunes or anything associated with these three things