A Film About Races Website goes live...

Oast One has just put the finishing touches to the A Film About Races website which showcases a new documentary film coming out in 2009. The website features a voting system where users can guess which team featured in the movie will win. A big thank you to Dave at davewhite.net for his help on the voting system behind-the-scenes coding.

The site went live today and we can't wait to see the film!

MSDC Flash site goes live...

After an enjoyable few weeks of Flash coding the MSDC Flash website I have been working on has gone live.

MSDC Flash Website

MSDC had a strong idea about the design of the site which left me free to concentrate on making it work nicely. I am pleased with the motion and little features such as the step by step loading of the images in the Work section and the zooming on the map in the Contact section.