Keep It Up (bouncing ball physics) Lingo behaviour code...

I thought I would post the original code from the Keep It Up game from my last post. As the game evolved I added a lot more stuff such as scaling the shadow, disorting the ball when it was kicked and including 'trick kicks' (which was a bit of a nightmare). This is the basic code as version 1. Feel free to use it and add your own twist if you wish. Simply start a new Director project, drag a ball sprite onto the Stage and position a shadow sprite one channel below it in the Score. Add a simple 'go to the frame' behaviour to the Frame and attached the ball behaviour below to the ball sprite. Done!

-- jim's bouncing ball behaviour

property my, shad
property grav, accelH, accelV

on beginsprite me

   my = sprite(me.spritenum) -- sets a variable 'my' to easily refer to this sprite

   grav = 1 -- the gravity, change this to change the physics of the game

   accelH = 0 -- the acceleration in x direction
accelV = 0 -- the acceleration in y direction

   shad = sprite(my.spritenum - 1) -- sets 'shad' to the sprite i use as a shadow

   my.locv = 150 -- initial position of the ball. use (sprite(1).bottom - 20 - my.height/2) to place it on the bottom of the screen
shad.loch = my.loch -- sets the x position of the shadow to the same as the ball


on exitFrame me

   accelV = accelV + grav -- affects gravity on the y acceleration
   accelH = accelH * 0.96 -- dampens the x acceleration

   my.locv = my.locv + accelV -- affects y acceleration on the balls y position
   my.loch = my.loch + accelH -- affects x acceleration on the balls y position

   shad.loch = my.loch -- positions the shadow to the same x location as the ball (you may like to also change the size of the shadow)

   -- tells the ball what to do when it hits the left side of the screen
   if my.loch < (sprite(1).left + 3 + my.width/2) then
loch = (sprite(1).left + 3 + my.width/2)
      accelH = accelH * -
   end if

   -- tells the ball what to do when it hits the right side of the screen
   if my.loch > (sprite(1).right - 3 - my.width/2) then
      my.loch = (sprite(1).right - 3 - my.width/2)
      accelH = accelH * -
end if

   -- tells the ball what to do when it hits the top of the screen. you can add this back in if you want the ball to bounce off the top
--if my.locv < (sprite(1).top + 3 + my.height/2) then
-- my.locv = (sprite(1).top + 3 + my.height/2)
      -- accelV = accelV * -0.8
--end if

-- tells the ball what to do when it hits the bottom of the screen
if my.locv > (sprite(1).bottom - 20 - my.height/2) then
my.locv = (sprite(1).bottom - 20 - my.height/2)
      accelV = accelV * -
end if

   my.rotation = my.rotation + accelH -- rotates the ball based on the x acceleration


on mousedown me

   -- works out the x and y accelerations when the user clicks on the ball
-- the further from the centre of the ball the harder the kick
h = (the mouseh - my.loch) * -1
   v = (
the mousev - my.locv) * -1

   accelV = v
   accelH = h


Keep It Up Shockwave game...

I thought I'd post this...

Its a game I developed a few years ago in Director. The code that controls the ball is very simple and it took less than an hour to put the basic game together. The styling and 'trick kicks' took a little longer but it was still a relatively short dev (for me). I'll post the code at some point in case anyone wants to improve on the physics or game engine.


PS: Just remembered - try holding SHIFT when you click on the ball to start... ;o)

Information Shockwave thingy...

Mr Lee Ford sent me this. A very nice Shockwave showcase... Reminds me of my old experimental days.

I wonder if it has been coded by hand to take the average colour of all the pixels in the used imagery then map these to the pixels of the bigger images on the fly. Its all very clever and smoothly working stuff. Once the images have loaded in its great to keep clicking and seeing the next image glide in.

Top work :o)