Cuil - rival to Google by ex-Google employees...

Cuil (pronounced 'cool' or probably more like 'kewl') is a new search engine, just launched by some ex-Google employees who think they can do a better job than Google. They claim that it will be better than Google because is has a index of sites three times bigger (120Billion to Google's 40Billion).

I've just tried it and, to be honest, I think they have a long way to go.

It looks nice. But I think style has been put above substance. The landing page is all black with a logo and search box positioned stylishly off-centre. Once you search you are taken to a white page with a black header displaying the results in three columns! I don't get this yet. What is the order of importance? Up and down or left to right? Typing the same thing in a few times seemed to throw back different results and for soe searches I get a 'Explore by Catgory' box top-right which seems to disrupt the flow of results further. This layout seems to be very difficult to get my head around after the traditional search result layout we are all used to.

It doesn;t seem to accept the same syntax as Google either. When I searched for James +Marett it literally searched for "james +marett" and, of course, returned no results.

But the main reason I don't like it is because when I type in 'Oast One' I get nothing to do with Oast One. Not a sausage. It's number one on Google!

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it'll become the leading search engine, doing all the things Google does wrong right, but as yet I'm not convinced.