What the Font???

How cool is this? new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ 

If you've ever been wondering what a certain font is you can upload an image of it at this URL and it comes back with some guesses. I tried it with an image of some Rotis Sans Serif characters at 25pixels height (25% of the recommended height of 100pixels) and it was spot on!

Loving it!

Oast Rider Font - Free for personal use...

As our updated brand rolls out a few people have been asking what the font we use for the Oast One logo is. It is called Oast Rider and we created it from scratch inspired by a font named Ghost Rider. So, after much debate, we have decided to make the font available to download free for personal use...

Download: TrueType

Oh - and I should also mention that the logo on the blog still uses the old font - we just haven't got round to updating it yet.