Where are the local help files in Adobe CS4?

I recently upgraded to Adobe CS4 Producton Suite. It's pretty good as far as upgrades go. Photoshop now uses your 3D card to make zooming in on images a treat to behold and the groovy new interface for After Effects is a little bit more like Final Cut than my previous version of AE (something like 6.5 I think).

The problem was the help files...

If you clicked on About > Help (or hit F1) in any of the CS4 applications to bring up the help it took you online to the Adobe support area. There's lots of information there - from all over the shop - user posted info from the Adobe community, training videos, stuff from the Adobe support site and all sorts... Far too much data if all you want to do is know how to loop a sound clip in Soundbooth or reverse a piece of footage in After Effects.

How could I get to the local help files that are installed with the CS4 applications?

I knew that if I unplugged my internet connection and hit F1 I would be taken to the local help files so they must be on my computer somewhere. After a spot of searching I finally managed to stumble across where they were all hiding:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Help\en_US


Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Help:en_US

All the folders are there for the various applications so I was able to make a load of shortcuts to the index.html files and stick them somewhere easy to find.