ShyBladder!?! iPhone App that REALLY takes the p**s...

Yes really... The title is correct! These IS actually an iPhone Application called ShyBladder! Obviously I am not going to waste my time installing it but the description says:

"Do you have trouble getting things going in the restroom? Perhaps just when other people are around... ...With ShyBladder on your iPhone, you will have a helpful prompt to get into your flow. With three different styles of running water."

What the hell? If I'm having 'trouble' in any restroom the last thing I'm going to do is get my phone out and start playing the sound of urine sloshing down the drain. My fellow urinees will probably think I've been recording the sound of them peeing and have some very pressing questions to ask me on the subject. Questions that start with 'What the f..." and end with my head and/or iPhone stuffed down the poopoo box.