Using an ampersand in ActionScript loadVariables function...

So I'm working on a project for Sky, its 1 hour to the deadline , and I think I better test the links which I am importing into the Flash project (for deployment on the Desktop as a Projector) from a txt file using the loadVariables function... This links look something like this:   (note the ampersands in there)

...and thats it! Everything is shot to hell because of the ampersands. When Flash imports using loadVariables it wants everything in a standard MIME format application/x-www-form-urlencoded (a standard format used by CGI scripts). This means variables are seperated by ampersands. For example:


So as soon as you stick an & midway through a URL in Flash thinks its come to the end of the variable and ignores the rest of the URL. Fine! I thought (at first)... I'll replace the URL with &... You see the irony there?

I furiously started hard coding the URLs and in doing so came across a way of replacing the & with its URL character code... Its so simple it hardly warrents writing all of this. Simply swap out all ampersands with %26. Its as easy as that! So:

Works a treat!

And in case you were wondering here's a list of other URL encoded characters:

URL Encoded Characters

backspace %08
tab %09
linefeed %0A
creturn %0D
space %20
! %21
" %22
# %23
$ %24
% %25
& %26
' %27
( %28
) %29
* %2A
+ %2B
, %2C
- %2D
. %2E
/ %2F
0 %30
1 %31
2 %32
3 %33
4 %34
5 %35
6 %36
7 %37
8 %38
9 %39
: %3A
; %3B
< %3C
= %3D
> %3E
? %3F
@ %40
A %41
B %42
C %43
D %44
E %45
F %46
G %47
H %48
I %49
J %4A
K %4B
L %4C
M %4D
N %4E
O %4F
P %50
Q %51
R %52
S %53
T %54
U %55
V %56
W %57
X %58
Y %59
Z %5A
[ %5B
\ %5C
] %5D
^ %5E
_ %5F
` %60
a %61
b %62
c %63
d %64
e %65
f %66
g %67
h %68
i %69
j %6A
k %6B
l %6C
m %6D
n %6E
o %6F
p %70
q %71
r %72
s %73
t %74
u %75
v %76
w %77
x %78
y %79
z %7A
{ %7B
| %7C
} %7D
~ %7E
¢ %A2
£ %A3
¥ %A5
| %A6
§ %A7
« %AB
¬ %AC
¯ %AD
º %B0
± %B1
ª %B2
, %B4
µ %B5
» %BB
¼ %BC
½ %BD
¿ %BF
À %C0
Á %C1
à %C3
Ä %C4
Å %C5
Æ %C6
Ç %C7
È %C8
É %C9
Ð %D0
Ñ %D1
Ò %D2
Ó %D3
Ô %D4
Õ %D5
Ö %D6
Ø %D8
Ù %D9
ß %DF
à %E0
á %E1
â %E2
ã %E3
ä %E4
å %E5
æ %E6
ç %E7
è %E8
é %E9
ê %EA
ë %EB
ì %EC
í %ED
î %EE
ï %EF
ð %F0
ñ %F1
ò %F2
ó %F3
ô %F4
õ %F5
ö %F6
÷ %F7
ø %F8
ù %F9
ú %FA
û %FB
ü %FC
ý %FD
þ %FE
ÿ %FF

Finally! My Blog goes live...

Firstly - many thanks to Dave White, who set my blog up in a fraction of the time that it took me to style it. There's still a few spots in the CSS that I'm not 100% happy with but I'm sure I'll iron them out in time, given time.

Being a Flash and Director guru I aim to regularly add code snippets and other interesting bits and bobs for any visitors to enjoy. Lets hope I get time.

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